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Fillable Forms

What is a fillable form and how do you get around in it?

A fillable form is an enhanced Word document that allows you to quickly and efficiently fill out a standardized form.

Once you open up this document, your cursor will go to the first form field. Type the information required. Then use your Tab key to go to the next question.

Some of the form fields have pulldown menus. Once you have tabbed into the form field, you’ll get a list of choices. Simply click your choice and tab to the next field. Another way to do this is to click on your Down arrow, make your selection, and then hit the Enter key.

This form isn’t magic and it might not work for all situations. If you should have any problems, please call us at the Administrative Rules and Management Services Division, (406) 444-5835, and we’ll be glad to help you.

Turn on the Forms Toolbar if you need to do any of the following tasks

1. Click on View/Toolbars/Forms. It should look like this:

 Make it easier to see the fillable Form Fields

In the Forms Toolbar, click on

When you’re done it should look like


Now all the fields you need to fill out will be outlined in grey.

How to unlock a Fillable Form

  • The little Lock in the toolbar should be dark and enclosed in a box. Click on it to make it light, with no box around it.
  • This allows you to work with the document as if it were a regular Word document.