Elections and Government Services Administrative Rules of Montana Business Services Notary and Certification Records and Information Management

Montana Administrative Register documents are in the Adobe .pdf format. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to use them.


  • 44-2-221: The amendment of ARM 44.2.204 pertaining to access to documents and fees for copies.

    Proposal, 11/10/16

  • 44-2-220: The amendment of ARM 1.2.104 and 1.2.423 pertaining to fees charged by Administrative Rules Services.

    Proposal, 10/28/16

  • 44-2-219: The amendment of ARM 1.2.419 pertaining to the scheduled dates for the 2017 Montana Administrative Register.

    Proposal, 10/28/16

  • 44-2-218: The adoption of a new rule pertaining to the rotation of executive branch agencies on the State Records Committee.

    Proposal, 9/2/16
    Adoption, 10/14/16
  • 44-2-217: The amendment of ARM 1.2.104 pertaining to Administrative Rules Services fees.

    Proposal, 4/22/16
    Decision, 8/19/16

  • 44-2-215: The amendment of ARM 44.2.301, 44.2.302, and 44.5.114 through 44.5.121 pertaining to Business Services Division filings and fees.

    Proposal, 2/19/16
    Adoption, 4/8/16

  • 44-2-214: The amendment of ARM 44.5.121 pertaining to miscellaneous fees charged by the Business Services Division.

    Proposal, 12/24/15
    Amended Proposal, 2/5/16
    Adoption, 3/18/16

  • 44-2-213: The amendment of ARM 44.14.312 pertaining to fees charged by the Records and Information Management Division for imaging services.

    Proposal, 11/25/15
    Adoption, 1/8/16

  • 44-2-207: (Commissioner of Political Practices) The adoption, amendment, transfer, and repeal of rules pertaining to campaign finance reporting, disclosure, and practices.

    Proposal, 8/13/15
    Adoption, 1/8/16
    Poll of the Legislature, 1/8/16