Elections and Government Services Administrative Rules of Montana Business Services Notary and Certification Records and Information Management

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  • 44-2-210: The amendment of ARM 44.14.301, 44.14.302, and 44.14.304 through 44.14.311 pertaining to fees charged by the Records and Information Management Division.

    Proposal, 9/24/15

  • 44-2-197: The amendment of ARM 44.5.131 pertaining to rules governing the registration of business/mark names.

    Proposal, 9/24/15

  • 44-2-198: The adoption of New Rules I through IV, the amendment of ARM 44.15.101, and the repeal of ARM 44.15.104 pertaining to notaries public.

    Proposal, 9/10/15

  • 44-2-207: (Commissioner of Political Practices) The adoption, amendment, transfer, and repeal of rules pertaining to campaign finance reporting, disclosure, and practices.

    Proposal, 8/13/15

  • 44-2-206: The adoption of a new rule and the amendment of ARM 44.5.122 pertaining to fees charged by the Secretary of State.

    Proposal, 7/30/15
    Amended Proposal Notice and Extension of Comment Period, 9/10/15

  • 44-2-205: The amendment of ARM 44.14.202 pertaining to the retention of local government electronic long-term records.

    Proposal, 7/16/15
    Material proposed to be adopted by reference
    Adoption, 8/27/15

  • 44-2-204: The adoption of a new rule and the amendment of ARM 44.3.110 and 44.3.2511 pertaining to voting accessibility for electors with disabilities and the Montana Absent Uniformed Services and Overseas Voter Act.

    Proposal, 7/16/15
    Adoption, 8/27/15

  • 44-2-202: The adoption of a new rule and the amendment of ARM 44.6.110, 44.6.113, 44.6.202, and 44.6.203 pertaining to the Secretary of State’s electronic filing system, the filing of a Title 71 lien, and requirements for filing UCC amendments with the Business Services Division.

    Proposal, 6/11/15

  • 44-2-203: (Commissioner of Political Practices) The amendment of ARM 44.12.204 pertaining to the payment threshold—inflation adjustment for lobbyists.

    Proposal, 11/20/14
    Adoption, 1/15/15