Notary Conference Workshops



Achieving Peak Performance – It’s always about taking your expertise and skills to the next level. Whether you’ve been a notary for months or years, this is your opportunity to learn more, reach higher, and expand your knowledge to become a more effective notary public. Butler

Be Prepared[Handling Whatever Walks In] - Notaries who offer their services to the general public never know what’s going to walk in the door.You need to understand what you can and can’t do and how to tell if the requested service is within your statutory authority.In this session you’ll review the types of notarial acts and the best practices for completing notarial certificates. Keller

Brave New World – Everyone is intrigued by eNotarization and Online (remote) Notarization, yet there are many questions to be answered:How does it work? Can it work in my business?How much does it cost? Where do I sign up? These and many other questions will be answered by the nation’s most respected experts in electronic notarizations. Aronson, Selph

For the Record (Journaling) – Is your journal working for you - or are you working for it? A properly kept notary journal is your best friend. It can prove that you did your job correctly, protect you from unwarranted claims, and even prevent possible fraud.Learn how to get the most from your notary journal and turn a “pain” into a “plus”! Fusco

Catch Me If You Can ID Me – One of the most important functions of a notary public is properly identifying the person who is requesting a notarial service.It’s also one of the most complicated. Go beyond the theory and learn how to deal with the stark-raving reality of methods of identification, acceptable ID documents and the myriad of other issues that come up when you perform a notarization. Burton

It’s Your Biz – [Starting and Building a Notary Business] – Discover how a notary commission can be used to increase your income.You can profit from the services you provide as a notary public.Learn how to use social media to promote your business and acquire new skills for networking and mentoring. Biewer

Managing Your Notary Employees – Are you sure your company’s notaries are currently commissioned, have the correct tools, and are complying with all applicable laws rules and policies? Do you even have written policies for your notaries? Learn how proactively managing your organization’s notary staff can save you time and frustration and minimize the potential for expensive lawsuits. Burton

Notary Law & Ethics – A comprehensive look at Montana’s notary laws with expert insight into the ethical implications for legal professionals. Special focus will be on the impacts of eNotarization and Online notarization in Montana law. This workshop has been approved for 3.5 CLE credits from the State Bar if Montana. Closen

Notarology (Notary Fundamentals) – A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the profession is at the heart of a notary public’s success.This workshop presents the foundational information that every notary must have to fulfill the responsibilities of the office. Biewer

Practical Magic – So much theory – so little reality.Not in this workshop! The best way to become proficient in anything is by doing – and you’ll get hands-on practice in recognizing and completing a variety of real notarial certificates correctly. The emphasis will be on documents that don’t contain proper notarial language.Hamm

Risky Business “Jeopardy” isn’t just a game show on TV. Being a notary can open you to liabilities you didn’t realize.Understand what may be at stake and how to minimize the risks to you and your employer. Anderson

Sharpening Your Sixth Sense [Notarizing In a Medical Environment] – There’s more to consider when performing notarizations for individuals in medical facilities. Sure, you may have to deal with signers who don’t have IDs or may be heavily medicated or those with pushy family members, but have you thought about things like patients with contagious diseases, blood-borne pathogens, or psychiatric admits? Protecting the public - and yourself - enters a whole new dimension. Salter

Silence of the Law – There are always those situations where the law doesn’t seem to address the specific requests you may receive as a notary.In this workshop, Professor Michael Closen and Kathleen Butler team up to provide notaries with the tools they need to handle those situations where the law doesn’t seem to have the answer you’re looking for.This workshop has been approved for 1.5 CLE credits from the State Bar if Montana. Closen / Butler

Titles and Tribulations – Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, and ready to run when someone asks you to notarize a Montana motor vehicle title or other MVD form?Discover the secrets you need to handle these requests with confidence every time. Hamm

Winning the Cyber Wars – Notary Edition - As we move more and more into the electronic age, protecting information – our customers’, our employer’s and our own – can no longer be an after-thought. Make sure that you know how to handle any document appropriately. There will be two versions of this presentation – a short version with 1 CE credit and a longer version offering 2 CE credits. Be sure to attend the appropriate session. Continuing education credits are approved for legal professionals, realtors, and insurance agents from the appropriate regulatory bodies. Gowen/Smith/Frankino