Congratulations on turning 18!

You are now an adult by law, which means you’ve gained new rights and responsibilities—including the Right to Vote.

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights we share as American citizens. It is at the core of our Democracy and it is a privilege to be taken seriously.

Registering to vote in Montana is easy. In fact, it takes just a few minutes to fill out and mail in your registration card. If you have Vote Montanaalready registered, Montana thanks you for taking part in leading our state forward. If you have not registered to vote, you can do so this website.

As a Montanan, your voice is powerful and important. I encourage you to take the time to be an active and informed voter, so that your vote can make a positive difference on Election Day. Montana is counting on you!

Best Regards,

Linda McCulloch

Linda McCulloch
Montana Secretary of State


18 and Ready to Vote

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Why voteWhy Vote?

Voting is your constitutional right, your civic duty, and a Montana value. Montana has always had a proud tradition of high voter turnout, and the state has strived to make sure every eligible Montana voter can cast a ballot.

Voting puts you in charge.

Casting a ballot means that you are deciding how your government should be run and how laws are made. If you don’t vote, someone else will be making the decisions that directly affect your life every day.

One vote can make the difference.

It’s not unusual for elections in Montana to be decided by just a handful of votes, which means that your vote can actually decide the outcome of an election.

Got questions?

Click here to visit the Montana voter information page.

You can also contact the Montana Secretary of State at and 406-444-4283.